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Subscription Billing Blog

Internet of Things Is Driving Improvements in Overall Business Results

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Business leaders across various industries feel that the Internet of Things is a primary driver behind improved operations, recent research shows.  More specifically, Gartner found more than 40 percent of organizations in a recent survey said they expected IoT to have a significant and lasting impact on their business over the next three years. When asked about the long term,…

IoT and Human Relationships: Can One Improve the Other?

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The Internet of Things connects man-made products to one another through small sensor chips. The rapid growth of IoT technology has dramatically changed how human beings connect with one another, especially through the use of portable and digital devices. The IoT has created a truly interconnected population, and continued development could lead to further innovation in the near future. IoT…

Agile Billing: Reforming the Content Delivery Business

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In today's digitally driven entertainment landscape, instant content delivery is essential. Users want to access their media entertainment on an on-demand basis, viewing video and other forms of content on an as-needed basis. This type of flexibility and agility has led to a content-viewing revolution, of sorts. People watch movies, television and other forms of digital media at their own leisure…

Netflix and Cable Are Battling It out for Millennials’ Attention

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On-demand video services are the latest and greatest thing in video content viewing. In fact, consumers are spending more of their time viewing content at their own leisure, as opposed to watching TV live. A new study from entertainment market research firm HUB Research found 61 percent of U.S. millennials' time watching TV was timeshifted, or spent viewing content and videos at…

Multichannel TV Subscribers May Not Go OTT Only

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While over-the-top content is growing in popularity among millennial-aged television viewers, it may not get viewing exclusivity just yet. According to a new report conducted by Horowitz Research, new premium channel and standalone streaming services aren't killing cable, despite what people believe. More specifically, multiplatform viewers who spent at least one hour viewing TV and video content each day spend at…

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