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Subscription Billing Blog

New report says OTT players can hurt telcos voice revenues

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With over-the-top options, like Skype and Whatsapp, some consumers don't see the need to use traditional telcos services to make phone calls anymore. According to a recent Credit Suisse report, these OTT players are threatening traditional voice and messaging business of telcos revenues by as much as 50 percent. The telecommunication companies in India are especially in trouble, as compared to Korea,…

Hearst launches video content site for Good Housekeeping

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Good Housekeeping recently decided to go over-the-top with its programming. With the help of Hearst Digital Studios, Good Housekeeping launched a video content site May 17. The lifestyle channel will feature how-to videos that focus mainly on party planning, cooking, crafting and home DIY.Good Housekeeping.TV will include popular chefs and crafters, like Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar, Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul and Rachel…

A+E partners with Brand New Media to launch History Plus in Asia

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TV viewers in Asia will be seeing a lot more of the History Channel, thanks to A+E and Brand New Media. The two companies have partnered up to launch History Plus, which will be available on the over-the-top platform 4ME. The video platform will include short-form videos from the History Channel, including content from "Ancient Aliens," "Pawn Stars" and "The Pickers." "History…

How will cable change in the OTT content landscape?

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Cord-cutting is a term that has brought weight to the argument that cable companies are going to have to adapt to a new business model. With over-the-top content and streaming video on demand, consumers are actively seeking out ways to avoid paying for excessively large cable bundles that only allow them access to a limited number of channels, while potentially restricting them…

Verizon to buy out AOL for $4.4 billion

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Verizon, the largest wireless provider in the country, announced Tuesday that it will buy AOL for $4.4 billion. Although many consumers still think of AOL as an early-era Internet service provider that continuously sent free trial CDs in the mail, the mass media corporation has made big gains in mobile video and advertising technology. By acquiring AOL, Verizon will be able to buy…

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