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Subscription Billing Blog

How the founder of the Discovery Channel used subscription billing and quality content to avoid ads

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One content provider found great success switching from television to online content on a subscription billing model. John Hendricks first began his foray into video with the Discovery Channel, which launched in 1982. Hendricks eventually became chairman of the network's parent company Discovery Communications before leaving for a new project in spring 2014. That venture, CuriosityStream, launched in March 2015. Streaming…

How subscription billing can save a popular music provider

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The online music service SoundCloud has struggled with various issues since its beginning. In the past, the company came under constant fire over the fact that none of the music is provided was licensed. Numerous lawsuits from record companies like Sony and Universal forced SoundCloud to divert most of its funding from increasing its brand to paying legal fees. These…

3 factors to consider when choosing the right payment services provider

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Selecting a payment service provider is one of the most important decisions for online B2B or B2C companies today. Many organizations make the mistake of choosing the most budget-friendly option without regard to key factors that can have a major impact on their business. While such a choice might pay off initially, selecting a bargain service provider ultimately leads to wasted…

What service providers can learn from Autodesk’s switch to subscription billing

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Autodesk, provider of design and 3-D modeling technology since 1982, is changing to a software as a service subscription billing model. Previously, customers could only use the company's technology through expensive licenses and desktop-only applications.According to Digit, Autodesk stated in its press release that a SaaS business model improves customer experience by simplifying the purchasing, deployment and troubleshooting processes. The new…

The simplest billing frequency benefits customers

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Acquiring and retaining customers is the primary focus of any business or service provider, especially those using a subscription billing model. More customers allows these companies to offer their products at attractive prices, which retains those same consumers and draws in even more.While determining the most effective price requires a lot of data and calculations, consumers mainly want one thing:…

How subscription billing solves the issue of ad blockers

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Websites during the early days of the Internet were a chaotic environment of popups and advertisements filled with malware. As a result, consumers haven't fully trusted online ads since, and many install software created to block these intrusions and let users browse uninterrupted. According to Computer World, the gaming site Destructoid sees ad block rates between 36 and 42 percent, meaning…

Streaming devices rise as more homes consume OTT content

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According to Variety, more than half of American homes have at least one device capable of streaming over-the-top content. The website recently announced research from The NPD Group's latest Connected Home Entertainment Report. The quarterly statement shares statistics regarding consumer devices that stream OTT content. It includes information on TVs, tablets, smartphones, computers, video game consoles and more.According to the data,…

How newspapers are finding success with subscription billing models

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During the transition to digital, many newspapers faced tough times. After a few years of adjusting, most of these organizations have settled on digital subscription billing models that have enabled them to stay afloat. A recent study from the American Press Institute examined 98 newspapers with total circulations exceeding 50,000. Of these, 77 used some form of subscription billing model,…

19-digit Visas and “2-digit” MasterCards

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There are a couple of changes coming in the credit card space that are "small" to consumers, but probably have a big impact to merchants, particularly if you're running your own billing platform.1) MasterCard is adding new BINs. Starting October 1, 2016, MasterCard issuers will have new card numbers. In addition to the old 510000-55999 series cards, they'll be issuing…

The “TV Everywhere” trend is not dead yet

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TV Everywhere was long thought to cable's answer to OTT programming. While OTT has risen astronomically in recent years, TV Everywhere has fallen off the radar. However, a new report from Adobe Digital Index indicated the trend isn't dead yet.TVE vs OTT As OTT gains prominence, a growing number of consumers are cutting the cord. According to data from Pacific…

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