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Subscription Billing Blog

The Next Generation of Niche Video Content

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The cord-cutting sensation is reaching new heights as the convenience of over-the-top (OTT) services becomes increasingly popular. The Total Audience Report Q4 2014 published by Nielsen found that 41 percent of U.S. homes subscribe to a Subscription Video Service on Demand (SVOD), up from 36 percent the previous year. Further, Digital TV Research has anticipated OTT content revenues will surpass…

WorldPay Goes Public

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Financial Technologies are on fire. If five years ago, if I told you that Apple and Google will be major competitors to VISA, JPMorgan Chase, and traditional banks, you’d say I was crazy. We have ringside seats for the excitement being generated in the payments industry as new players like Stripe, Square, and ApplePay and new rules open up the…

What to consider when looking for a subscription billing solution

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Companies offering subscriptions often struggle to find a recurring payment platform that meets the sometime unique subscription business needs. Managing subscription billing isn't easy, and a lot businesses end up with a solution that isn't the right fit. Every business is different, so you need to find a software provider that properly understands how average customer lifetime value affects your business and…

3 challenges and solutions for companies that use subscription billing

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The subscription business model is a great way to sell everything from content and software to physical goods. While the business model has proven itself successful, there are a number of challenges to consider before getting started.1. Churn Churn is the term used to describe the number of customers who sign up and then cancel their subscriptions. It is expressed…

NFL Sunday Ticket service available to non-DirecTV customers

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DirecTV has offered its NFL Sunday Ticket package to anyone with a broadband connection since 2010, but now the company has made the over-the-top content available to a wider audience by providing the service to non-DirecTV customers through a monthly subscription billing plan. While the service still isn't available absolutely everywhere, it is accessible by almost anyone in any city, according to CBS…

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