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New World of OTT Opportunities: Selling Premium Content with Subscription Billing Services

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“How do you rise above to achieve your goals?” was a question that resonated with our audience and speakers alike at a recent series of networking events hosted by Ooyala and Vindicia. The answers that came up were simple, but can be easily overlooked. Focus on creating and sustaining direct-to-consumer relationships. Relationships are critical to sustaining, growing and monetizing business. In the past relationships were largely based on hyper-local, face-to-face interactions, but now they include various types of interactions from multiple global channels. Adrian Drury, Ovum Principal, was straight to the point in saying, “Bring your linear business and your…

Debating the Monetization of Digital Music’s Rise

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On February 18th I had a chance to go back to an earlier space in my career as I moderated a panel entitled “Follow the Money: The Economics of Streaming and Downloads. As co-founder of eMusic, it was fascinating to step back into the debate now that the market is starting to recover from the full transition to digital downloads and streaming services. I had also stayed involved as recently I was a special advisor to the board of The Harry Fox Agency (a subsidiary of the National Music Publishers Association.) Joining me on the panel were Dorothy Hull from…

The Levers That Can Make (or Break) Your Recurring Billing Process

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Accepting payments online is filled with many complexities. In the webinar, The World is NOT Flat: Navigating the Digital Payments Ecosystem, Adam Hollis of W. Capra Consulting Group shares some common mistakes digital businesses make in their recurring payments strategy, and offers simple solutions to correct them. Watch the short video excerpt to learn some of the levers that can make (or break) your recurring billing process: View the complete webinar to also learn: How to actively manage your risk and maximize retention Ways to leverage payments technologies to optimize your business The operational side of payments management Visit our…

Fraud or Friction? Why slowing down a purchase can be beneficial in the long run

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In discussing merchant deployments one of the areas of greatest interest is how we suggest clients implement their buy screens. More than anything (yes, even more than the service itself), product owners ascribe an almost mythical importance to a frictionless buy process. The logic goes that if you slow down a buyer, they’re more likely to abandon the shopping process and you’ll lose a sale. Hence, there’s a strong desire to allow users to check out as easily as possible. This includes reducing the amount of information requested in the purchase process. This has long been a hot topic with…

Freemium, disruption and the mobile phone industry

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The US mobile phone industry is certainly ripe for disruption as anyone locked into a 2-year contract is well aware. It was only a few years ago that number portability became the norm, a feature most of the rest of the world had adopted eons ago. Along comes FreedomPop – funded by the founder of Skype and a Vindicia client – to disrupt the entire $100 billion industry via the freemium model. Can it work? Launching its service earlier in the week, FreedomPop enables any consumer to get 500MB of of 4G data for free via an agreement with Clearwire…