Subscription Billing Software with Salesforce Integration

Enable full quote-to-cash capabilities within Salesforce. Powerful analysis and reporting.

CashBox for SalesforceVindicia CashBox Reporting for Salesforce lets you view your subscription billing and recurring payment data through Salesforce. By combining data processed through both Vindicia CashBox and Salesforce, you’ll be able to use the analytics capabilities within Salesforce to make critical decisions that impact your subscribers. Additionally, this valuable data is available within the different opportunity and account levels inside Salesforce. This gives you the ability to view customer information, subscription, or one-time purchase details; verify what products are available; confirm next subscription payment dates; and more. Vindicia CashBox Reporting for Salesforce is free for any current Vindicia CashBox customer. Visit the AppExchange to download.

To support this key business process requirement, Vindicia provides two native applications, CashBox Reporting for Salesforce and CashBox for Salesforce. Clients of both Vindicia and can access these applications through the AppExchange.

The CashBox for Salesforce add-on builds on the reporting application to encompass greater capabilities. With CashBox for Salesforce you will have the full ability to quote a customer, create a billing plan, use a promotion code, and automate the billing process within the Salesforce application. You will be able to update customer account information that will sync automatically with Vindicia CashBox. Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade, downgrade, side grade, cross sell, or create one time add-on purchases allowing your customer service representatives to generate more revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

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