Vindicia Select for Smarter Recurring Billing

Increase retention to drive higher revenue and greater average customer lifetime value.

Vindicia® Select™ helps companies with subscription and recurring revenue models retain customers longer. Using our ART Advanced Retention Technology™ system, Vindicia Select is a SaaS solution that works with your existing billing system to dramatically reduce the churn caused by failed payment transactions. With Vindicia Select, you can:

  • Reduce involuntary churn by about 30% or more
  • See revenue uplift of as much as 5%
  • Increase customer lifetime value through improved retention
  • Start increasing retention in days, not months, with a noninvasive solution
  • Improve customer service by keeping customers connected to your services

Take advantage of the Vindicia network to heal transactions.

Companies that offer digital goods and services on subscription and recurring plans can experience high failed transaction rates—between 15% and 30% are typical, depending on the sector. That means that you risk losing a large number of subscribers each billing cycle. These are customers who want to maintain a relationship with you. Payment card issues cause you to interrupt services. Often, customers don’t even realize what’s led to the problem, and you lose customers forever.

Vindicia Select is a SaaS solution that resolves failed payment transactions. Vindicia has been handling subscription and recurring revenue transactions for more than 10 years. Developed to apply the insights derived from the wealth of data in our network, Vindicia Select uses our proprietary ART Advanced Retention Technology™ system to analyze failed transactions, diagnose the issue, and fix the problem. The result: Vindicia Select resolves approximately 30% or more of failed transactions without inconveniencing the customer. Retention rates soar, improving customer lifetime value and returns on customer acquisition. And you keep customers connected to the services they’ve chosen, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Increase subscriptions and recurring revenue today.

Vindicia Select is a noninvasive SaaS solution that works with virtually any billing system. Deploying Select requires minimal modification to existing systems and workflows. It requires little involvement from your IT team. Vindicia can get you started in days—not months. Your subscription and recurring revenue increases from the first day you use Vindicia Select.

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