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The Value of Subscription Billing in Monetizing OTT Video Content

Featured Speaker: Rebecca Wettemann, VP Research, Nucleus Research

To maximize revenues from video content distribution, companies need a platform that is both flexible enough to evolve to meet evolving customer demands and business models and granular enough to manage payment models, methods, and customer demographics to maximize profitability.  This Webinar will arm decision makers with the framework and best practices to build a business case both to justify and maximize returns from their investment.  
In this webinar:

  • Explore the various business models
  • Define three steps for building the business case for enterprise-class billing systems
  • Discuss real-world examples and Nucleus’s independent analysis of Vindicia.

Increased Customer Acquisition with Ideal Payment Types

Featured Speaker: Russ Jones, Payments Consultant and Analyst of Glenbrook Partners

You’re already selling internationally, but worried that your customers can’t sign-up for your service because they don’t have access to payment cards. That concern is all too real in today’s global eCommerce market.

During this session, we’ll have a conversation with Russ Jones of Glenbrook Partners to talk about: How merchants can INCREASE CUSTOMER ACQUISITION through support of domestic payment methods. Similarities and differences in HOW PEOPLE BUY in various markets around the world. Best payment practices for REACHING NEW BUYERS in cash-centric markets. You’ll walk away from this session with a new…

Sell More Online: 10 A/B Test Results and Tips to Improve Conversion Optimisation

Featured Speaker: Justin Rondeau, Chief Evangelist & Editor of WhichTestWon

Conversion optimisation in a controlled testing environment is critical for the success of your online business. During this presentation, you will see real life A/B tests and results from some leading websites in Europe and North America selling digital and tangible products and services.

By the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how testing can increase revenue for your online business
  • Identify testing trends in your industry
  • Walk away with inspiration for your next A/B test

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The Future of Subscription Billing (and Air Travel) is NOW!

Featured Speaker: Wade Eyerly, Co-Founder and CEO, Surf Air

This webinar focuses on how the world has gone digital with subscriptions for online dating, gaming, software, media, entertainment and more. But an all-you-can-fly subscription airline? The future of subscription billing is NOW! During this webinar, Wade Eyerly, co-founder and CEO of Surf Air, discusses the first subscription airline company blazing a new trail in aviation….

Don’t Break the Cycle! Maximize the Lifetime Value of Your Recurring Payments

Featured Speaker: Melissa Rabasco, Customer Success Manager, Litle & Co.

This webinar focuses on how to maximize the lifetime value of your recurring payments. During this session, you’ll learn why the initial billing event is the most critical, what payment solutions are available to help you better retain customers, and how to extend customer lifetime value with payment insights.