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White Papers

Our white papers provide a detailed look at different aspects of Vindicia CashBox including our underlying technology, our taxation engine and even how best to choose a payment processor to pair with CashBox.

Featured Paper: Choosing a Payment Processor for Subscription-based Businesses

Making a decision on which processor to choose as a digital business may, surprisingly, be one of the most important decisions that you make Many businesses, especially recurring ones, find out the hard way that selecting a credit card processor is among the most important and critical decisions to be made when conducting business online. For the uninformed or ill-advised business, it may seem like a fairly simple task: find a processor that offers a combination of the lowest possible fees and easiest connectivity. But basing a decision on just those criteria can, and probably will, have a devastating impact…

Featured Paper: Uncovering Critical Revenue Drivers: A Custom SaaS Business Analysis

The growth of a SaaS business depends upon improving two metrics: customer acquisition and customer retention with the ultimate goal of securing a long-term customer. At Vindicia, our experience in handling more than 120 million customer accounts and 80 million credits cards enables us to provide unique insights which can help improve your digital business and lead to millions in incremental revenue, through increased acquisition and retention numbers. This white paper will highlight some key analyses that we typically conduct for our clients, along with actual results generated on their behalf.

Featured Paper: SaaS Revenue Growth Without Compromise: 7 Secrets

In a recurring business, understanding where you can pick up an extra half percentage point each month will lead to annualized double-digit gains in revenue. Based on our experience running recurring revenue SaaS businesses, as well as managing over a hundred million accounts which have transacted over $4 billion with Vindicia, we want to share insights that every SaaS business should consider as part of their overall growth strategy. Table of contents of the White Paper “SaaS Revenue Growth Without Compromise: 7 Secrets”:

Vindicia Taxation Solution for Digital Businesses

In the world of ecommerce, digital businesses face many challenges. One of the least understood, yet critically important issues is taxation. Specifically, how companies calculate and apply the appropriate taxes. This White Paper provides insight on how digital businesses can focus on growing their online revenue while avoiding tax headaches because Vindicia CashBox includes a comprehensive tax engine that understands tax complexity and efficiently calculates and applies taxes.

Vindicia Technology Overview

Vindicia offers an integrated marketing and selling automation solution for the Digital Economy packaged in its core product, Vindicia CashBoxTM. CashBox provides three core capabilities – marketing, CRM and billing – to create and manage recurring as well as one-time bills, invoices, marketing offers, campaigns / promotions and payments. This White Paper explains the data transfer flow in which data from the merchant is transmitted to Vindicia, Vindicia processes the data, more data is added from third-party sources and additional information can be provided back from Vindicia. After reading this White Paper you should have a good understanding of how Vindicia reliably, securely and efficiently processes your transaction and payment data.