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Digital Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is the foundation of any successful business.

Digital Customer Channel Acquisition Strategy Workflow - Vindicia

The success of your customer acquisition funnel involves understanding the conversion rates of your different acquisition campaigns and their long-term profitability impact. Vindicia subscription billing solutions provide numerous capabilities to support broader digital customer acquisition: native integration with global payment methods, currencies, and tax regimes; channel and affiliate management; campaign management; and detailed analytics to track ongoing trends.

Vindicia CashBox campaigns make it easy to entice customers to join, renew or upgrade their services, helping you expand your customer base. Experiment constantly to attract the broadest audience possible. Manage and analyze the effectiveness of these campaigns until you find the right price and the right customers that will maximize your margins and profits.

Testing different product and bundle options can dramatically increase your acquisition of new customers. Easily market to your existing user base to increase their Average Customer Lifetime Value (ACLV) with repackaged and bundled online offerings created using Vindicia CashBox. Effectively communicate with customers in a timely and relevant manner. The customizable email templates within CashBox ensure that your offerings reach customers at the right point in their lifecycle. Understand the key product metrics necessary to focus your efforts where they will have the most success with our CashBox reporting capabilities.

Going Global

Expanding into new markets is a goal of most digital merchants as part of their digital customer acquisition strategy. Vindicia CashBox has a proven track record of helping merchants conduct business in every major global region. Bill in local currency, send communications in local languages, and automatically apply the correct tax codes. Additionally, accept a broad variety of the most popular payment methods, from credit cards and debit cards to PayPal to mobile carrier billing, and even to country-specific payment methods like Boleto Bancario. We are constantly introducing new payment methods in the Vindicia product family that drive success for our merchants.

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