Solutions by Requirement

A Complete Subscription Solution is a Competitive Advantage

At Vindicia, we take care of all your subscription billing and payment needs. But that’s not all that we do. We provide a host of other services like customer acquisition, customer retention, analytics and subscriber lifecycle management that can help you gain a competitive edge.

Solutions by Industry

Here’s a look at the industries we work with.

Subscription Billing Solutions

Choose the Vindicia subscription management solution that’s right for your business.

Vindicia CashBox

Speed time to market and increase subscription revenue with the Vindicia® CashBox® subscription billing and recurring payment solution.

Vindicia Select

Reduce passive churn, increase customer retention, and boost revenues by resolving more failed payment transactions with Vindicia Select.

Vindicia Trial

It’s free. Try out our advanced retention technology and experience an immediate revenue increase from your subscription and recurring services.