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$40 Million

In my previous post, I alluded to statistics that highlight how Vindicia CashBox helps clients retain customers and thus lift revenue streams.

In a press release issued at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in early March, we mentioned these numbers:

  • Over the past year, thanks to our retry logic, Account Updater, and other retention capabilities, our clients gained 10-25 percent more of the customers who failed in their initial attempts to renew subscriptions. We have seen this trend across all the vertical markets we serve.
  • Take those percentages and aggregate the dollars across our client base over the past year, you get a total of $40 million. More importantly, this number grows every day as we add clients and as our existing clients’ business expands.
  • Our transaction volume has risen by about 45 percent over the past year: We now handle about 250,000 transactions every day while remaining PCI-compliant at the highest levels for the fifth year.

Speaking of PCI compliance, its juxtaposition with cloud computing is catching more and more attention. If you’re attending Cloud Computing Expo in NYC in April, check out our CTO Brett Thomas’s presentation. You’ll hear something very novel that will radically change your thinking about PCI compliance in the cloud. I promise. Don’t miss that talk!

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