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Gain the Competitive Advantage in Subscription Billing through A/B Testing

Most digital businesses are losing valuable revenue by not testing for conversion optimization

Only about 25% of digital businesses A/B or multivariate test landing pages, and less than half conduct price tests for their subscription offers.

In my last blog post, Maximize Subscription Billing through Conversion Optimization, I highlighted key takeaways from the webinar, Conversion Optimization to Sell More Online: 10 A/B Test Results and Lesson Learned, presented by Justin Rondeau of WhichTestWon.

Recently, Justin returned to the Vindicia webinar series, Revenue Revelations: Best practices for the digital economy, and presented Sell More Online: 10 A/B Test Results and Tips to Improve Conversion Optimisation. During this webinar, Justin shares more real life A/B tests and results, featuring some leading websites in Europe and North America selling digital and tangible products and services.

Get inspiration for your next A/B test!

  • Find out how a careers website saw a 34% lift in sales by testing the impact of anonymous testimonials on its buy page.
  • Discover how a digital news publication recognized a 39% lift in new subscriptions by testing an email marketing campaign with inclusion of a well-thought-out prize offer.
  • Learn how an insurance business conducted a mobile test, specifically for Apple iPad traffic, and gained a 9.23% lift in online registrations by testing button imagery on their homepage.

If you have a digital business, watch this webinar for tips on testing to gain a competitive advantage in your industry and increase revenue for your digital subscription business.

P.S. Don’t miss the next webinar in our Revenue Revelations: Best practices for the digital economy webinar series.

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