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Vindicia 2010 Webinar Series

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2009 Webinar Series.

With our 2010 series, we will continue our focus on best practice discussions, customer case studies, and lively Q&A sessions. I’m excited to kick off our 2010 series with the first three webinars:

  • Top 10 Best Practices in 2010 for Online Merchants
    Wednesday, February 24, 10-11am PST
    Steve Klebe, SVP Business Development, Vindicia
  • The True Cost of In-House Billing Systems: An ROI Calculation
    Wednesday, March 24, 10-11am PDT
    Jeremy Nusser, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Vindicia
  • Business Model Innovation: How to Take Advantage of Customer Trends
    Wednesday, April 21, 10-11am PDT
    Gene Hoffman, CEO, Vindicia

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