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Collision Point: Telecom and Entertainment

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Two of the nation’s largest industries are headed directly toward each other. It’s a slow-moving trend that could have dramatic ramifications for a wide range of players, from content providers to technology vendors:

The first evidence happened seven years ago when Comcast purchased NBCUniversal

Now AT&T stands to join Comcast at the intersection of telecom and entertainment with its pending acquisition of Time Warner

The proposed AT&T/Time Warner transaction would combine one of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies – with control over pay-TV, wireless and wired Internet services – with one of the nation’s most well known media giants.

Download this investigative eBrief from FierceCable and see what the future has in store. The eBrief analyzes this collision point from the perspective of Comcast and NBCUniversal – looking back on its performance so far – and from the perspective of AT&T and Time Warner in terms of what they’re hoping for as they move forward.

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