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The Subscription Lifecycle

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Subscription Business Success Requires Excellence at All Phases of the Subscription Lifecycle

Consumers today prefer subscriptions. Be it software or content, cosmetics or cars, consumers prefer to experience a product or service for a low monthly fee, rather than own it for a higher price. As a result, more and more businesses are looking to better understand the subscription business lifecycle and how they can adopt and succeed with subscription business models.

This comprehensive eBook describes the five phases of the subscription lifecycle:

CashBox supports the entire subscription business lifecycle

The Subscription Business Lifecycle

  • Acquire: Cost-effectively attract and convert new subscribers. Add agility to the way you create products and promotions, fine-tune campaigns, and rapidly bring them to market.
  • Bill: Deliver the pricing options and frictionless subscription billing that today’s customers expect while supporting reporting, revenue recognition, and other financial processes.
  • Retain: Measurably minimize all types of churn. Automatically resolve declined transactions, prevent passive churn, extend customer lifetime value, and boost long-term revenue streams.
  • Expand: Grow your business by upselling, cross-selling, and rapidly expanding into new geographies, new products, and new lines of business.
  • Succeed: Learn from our consultants who will share industry benchmarking data, best practices, and revenue-enhancing ideas. You can trust our expertise, because we’re The Subscription People.

It explains the needs and challenges of each phase and shows how Vindicia leverages what we call the “Network Effect” of our vast payment and subscription data to ensure that our clients excel across all stages of the lifecycle. Download this informative eBook to ensure the success of your subscription business.

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