Clients: Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming

Vindicia Subscribe has enabled us to smoothly transition into a subscription billing model, yet still handle one-time payments for specific offerings. This flexibility enables us to focus our energies on crafting a compelling experience for our tournament players and fans, alike.

Steven Flenory
Studio Director, Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming (MLG) is the global leader in eSports. MLG operates, the #1 online broadcast network for professional-level competitive gaming; the MLG Pro Circuit, the longest-running eSports league in North America; and MLG Play, the largest cross-platform online gaming tournament system with 9 million registered users across the globe.


  • Major League Gaming needed billing flexibility for multiple subscription products, global audience reach, minimized PCI burden, and a robust entitlement infrastructure.



  • The business-oriented Vindicia Subscribe infrastructure enables rapid iteration of offers, pricing, and messages. Global billing is supported using local currencies, languages and payment methods, while adhering to local tax codes.

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