Mind Candy

Mind Candy

Ours is a unique industry and we chose Vindicia for its expertise and breadth of experience in the online gaming market. We require a solution that can handle subscriptions and one-time payments as well as the PCI compliance burden. We know we’re covered with CashBox.
Divinia Knowles
Chief Financial Officer, Mind Candy

Mind Candy is an entertainment company that creates extraordinary brands with online games at their heart. Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play, fun-filled virtual world of adoptable pet monsters, combining adorable virtual pets, safe social networking, games, educational puzzles, stories and missions for children aged 6-12. 50 million monsters have been created to date making Moshi Monsters one of the world’s fastest growing children’s sites.


  • Online Gaming


  • Scaling a rapidly-growing online games business globally
  • Having business model flexibility to support free-to-play, subscriptions and one-time payments
  • Achieving seamless business and financial reporting
  • Processing transactions worldwide


  • Vindicia® CashBox®, a scalable SaaS marketing, CRM and subscription billing solution that supports multiple business models, bills in every region worldwide, and provides dashboards and over 20 reports with real-time metrics on business and financial data


  • Supported rapid growth – 2M new players per month
  • Increased monthly player retention – added a significant uplift to top line revenue
  • Enabled billing worldwide
  • Provides on-demand reporting capabilities / real-time metrics
  • Reduces PCI compliance burden

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