Clients: Perion


Vindicia Retain resolves many of the causes of failed transactions, so we keep customers longer. This increases ACLV, allowing for higher investments in acquisition. It’s a domino effect, with higher acquisition and retention working together to boost revenues significantly.

Aryeh Brickner
Vice President of Marketing Consumer Apps, Perion Network

Smilebox, a product of Perion Network, helps people create their own personalized collages, greeting cards, invitations, slideshows, and more. More than 1,000 easy-to-use templates turn anyone into a designer. People subscribe to the Smilebox service online, and use it to share warm wishes and memories with loved ones—all with a professional-quality look that drives home the message.


  • Perion decided they needed a new approach to retaining Smilebox subscribers longer.


  • Vindicia Retain uses compliant, patent-pending technology to address failed payment transactions, which are the leading cause of passive churn.


  • Vindicia Retain resolves more than 20 percent of failed transactions, helping Perion reduce its overall churn rate and increase retention.

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