Vindicia Clients

Across the globe, leading brands rely on Vindicia SaaS-based subscription billing and recurring revenue solutions.

  • Eros Now

    This alliance with Vindicia will enhance the consumer experience and offer seamless transaction capabilities. With changing consumer dynamics, the association will also help to provide subscriber intelligence that will bring business agility to continuously boost the overall video watching experience, thus driving consumer retention, global connecting and increasing subscriber growth.

  • FreedomPop

    It's critical to get all the nuances right, and that's why we chose to work with Vindicia. We look to Vindicia to make sure our billing processes help us retain customers.

  • Perion

    Vindicia Retain resolves many of the causes of failed transactions, so we keep customers longer. This increases ACLV, allowing for higher investments in acquisition. It’s a domino effect, with higher acquisition and retention working together to boost revenues significantly.

  • Major League Gaming

    Vindicia Subscribe has enabled us to smoothly transition into a subscription billing model, yet still handle one-time payments for specific offerings. This flexibility enables us to focus our energies on crafting a compelling experience for our tournament players and fans, alike.


    Every subscription business needs the power of Vindicia Retain to reduce churn, increase revenue and eliminate the negative effects that intrusive customer recapture efforts have on the overall consumer experience. Vindicia Retain is a technology that has truly transformed our business.


Check out our clients from all around the globe, Inc.

Vindicia Select improves customer retention for’s job listing service.

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LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.

CashBox provides improved subscription and recurring billing for LeapFrog’s educational devices and software.

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LegalShield trusts Vindicia Select for customer retention in the US and CashBox for subscription billing in the UK.

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The nation's leading provider of online legal solutions relies on Vindicia Select for customer retention.

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LifeLock, Inc.

Vindicia Select maximizes customer retention for LifeLock’s proactive identity theft protection services.

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LifeShield trusts CashBox subscription billing and management for its home security system.

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Little Passports

Little Passports uses Vindicia Select to improve customer retention for educational games and activities.

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LogMeIn, Inc

Remote access leader LogMeIn reduces involuntary subscriber churn with Vindicia Select.

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Vindicia Select improves customer retention, revenues and lifetime value for M2 Media Group.

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Magellan TV

CashBox provides subscription management and billing for Magellan TV's documentary streaming service.

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Major League Gaming

Vindicia Subscribe provides superior customer retention via sophisticated retry logic and native campaign management.

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Media Communications

Media Communications relies on Vindicia Select customer retention for its health and beauty brands marketing services.

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