Client Success Manager/Director

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You are a Decathlete

Early in your career, you demonstrated that you understand the technical environment, but along the way, you’ve also developed an appreciation for the business side. You’re equally comfortable leading an architecture discussion and an ROI analysis. Technology is nice, but it has value only when we’re using it to address a business challenge.

The right candidate will take lead responsibility for managing several of our largest clients. The “decathlete” in you will be challenged by this, but you likely revel in the opportunity to flex all of your strengths and skills, often in the same day. All of your clients are “Fortune 500” and some are “Fortune 50.”

Key Responsibilities

Lots of folks talk about the aspirations of a role. If you joined us last month, this is what you “would have” done with us over the past 30 days:

  • Led an analysis of revenue lift for a client. Dove deep on the data to recommend new optimizations, which then generates additional lift. Presented the results to the executive sponsor, getting buy-in for the changes and identifying opportunities to expand our partnership.
  • Worked with our technical resources and the client’s technical resources to assess a technical integration. Although you’re not writing code anymore, you are technical enough to identify places where problems might be lurking, and recommended a course of action to audit the data flow. Your technical prowess uncovered a 5% improvement in transaction processing.
  • Led a full account review for a very large Internet content provider. This client has multiple properties with Vindicia, and we help each unit maximize their revenue. You coordinated the data analytics work in house, then reviewed the findings internally. Once we agreed on messaging, you led the presentation with the president and senior finance staff. You worked with our marketing team before and after the presentation to get the client to agree to a case study.
  • Collected feedback on a technical integration. You led a series of discussions with the client technical staff, and identified areas where they are pushing the envelope with our platform. You coordinated a discussion with our product management team and support team to identify workarounds and also get their feature requests prioritized on our roadmap. You delicately managed the discussion so as not to overcommit, and managed the clients expectations so that not every request is a “Sev 1”.

Key Competencies

  • Build trust: Honor your word by doing what you say you are going to do.
  • Know your stuff. Do your homework, and leverage the team in-house to prepare for the discussion. But never bluff with the client. Admit when you need to go find out the answer.
  • Solve problems: Encourage others in collaborative problem solving. Explore new options. Work to establish reasonable priorities and manage client expectations.
  • Communicate: Extract the key points from a discussion, summarize them, and build consensus around ideas that may have divergent support. Escalate the critical issues, but come with a proposed solution.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Expertise in subscription business models and recurring revenue streams
  • Background in payment processing and credit card management
  • IT project coordination or project management experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience working on software development projects
  • Bachelor’s degree (Engineering, MIS, Computer Science preferred)