Reports Specialist

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Vindicia is seeking a knowledgeable Reports Specialist to develop reports in Jaspersoft against our data warehouse. You’ve got a good eye for report design using dimensional data sources. You’re able to speak to the complexities that Jaspersoft adds to the mix and how to turn them to your advantage. You’ll be getting in at an early stage of the authoring phase of the project so this is a chance for you to do things correctly from the beginning for once.

You have used Jaspersoft enough to know when to develop using an Ad-hoc report and when you need to go the Domains and Topics route. You’re not afraid to venture beyond the GUI and you’ve done your share of server troubleshooting. Linux is not a foreign concept for you and at some point you’ve had to muck about with jar files trying to get everything just right. You’ve even had to create support tickets to resolve troublesome issues. You’ve got most of the skills below but we are willing to help you develop the ones you’re still working on.

The Report Specialist is a full time position that will report to our headquarters in Redwood City, CA.


  • Build reports against our data warehouse
  • Provide realistic estimates of feasibility and effort required for new reports
  • Work with our BI Architect to understand our data model
  • Make recommendations based on your experiences modeling data
  • Suggest new extensions to our ODS to facilitate new reports
  • Prioritize assignments and work to deadlines


  • 2+ years using Jaspersoft or another report authoring tool to design and publish reports
  • Proven experience collecting requirements from business users and turning them into actionable report specifications
  • Some experience with programming and development in Eclipse-based Java environments
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills


  • Actively troubleshoot Java environments such as Jaspersoft, Tomcat, Eclipse etc
  • Native SQL speaker
  • Use of Javascript and/or JQuery to enhance reports
  • Operate in a software development environment using agile methodologies for quick turnaround of multiple iterations
  • Familiarity with:

             - Datastores: Hadoop, Couchbase, Oracle, MySQL
             - Other data tools: Talend, Jasper, Tableau
             - Data Warehousing: star/snowflake/facts/dimensions/Kimball