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APOStech 2017 | Hong Kong

  • July 4-6, 2017
  • Conrad, Hong Kong

APOStech 2017, hosted by Media Partners Asia (MPA), sheds light on the technological innovations and trends set to define the future of the media, telecom and entertainment industry with themes such as broadband networks in the video age. As the worlds of broadband and video collide and converge, technology is playing a critical part in unlocking value from consumer eyeballs and wallets. Today, media and telecom operators are at an important inflection amidst changes in CPE technology, the growing role of big data, the massive demand for broadband, the growth online video, and the evolution of 4K. How are operators gearing up to win new customers and create new revenue streams and what is the impact on networks, product functionality and service execution? These are the some of the key questions APOStech 2017 will address.

Presentation | Details forthcoming