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CMO Council Dinner Dialogue: Members or Customers? How Leaders Know the Difference

  • May 10, 2016
  • Private event in Chicago, IL

Time: 6:30 pm local time

Today’s customer is not content …they want to be part of a bigger relationship. They want to be a member…to be recognized and rewarded with frictionless experiences. This “Membership Economy” has produced a fundamental shift in the way consumers purchase products and services. As customers seek out this new dynamic, businesses are being asked to innovate and disrupt their existing business models, establish highly profitable and value-added services while delivering recurring revenue to the organization. Visionary brands are deploying recurring revenue business models to monetize their content, goods, services, and other offerings to achieve long-term, predictable, recurring revenue streams.

Join the CMO Council as we gather marketing and commerce leaders for a discussion of the new innovations that aim to fully exploit the new Membership Economy. Gene Hoffman, a pioneer in the billing, subscription and disruptive business dynamics, will join us as we dive into the new requirements of both customer and business in the new relationship-rich economy. For more information, contact Amy Friedhoff at afriedhoff@cmocouncil.org or 408.677.5336.

This dinner series will be held on the following dates and locations:

  • May 10 - Chicago, IL