Upcoming Events

Live Webinar | Meet the Challenges of Passive Churn and Grow Recurring Revenue

  • June 23, 1:00 pm CDT (11:00 am PDT)

Naviga has partnered with Vindicia. If you’re an existing Naviga customer, join this live webinar and learn why Naviga has partnered with us. We’ll discuss how our Vindicia Retain solution recovers up to 30% of previously failed payment transactions using proprietary data, AI, and machine learning algorithms to combat passive churn.

Some highlights include:

  • How to grow recurring revenue by 3-6% by resolving terminally failed payment transactions and increasing customer lifetime value
  • Real-world case studies of customer retention success by Vindicia Retain clients in the media and publishing industry, including Forbes, Gannett, Hearst and Tribune
  • The simple experience to adopt Vindicia Retain, easily connecting with Naviga’s platform at zero up-front cost

Register for the webinar to learn more. You must be an existing Naviga customer to join.