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Overcoming the Challenges of SCA with Vindicia and GoCardless | London

  • November 26, 2019, 12:00 noon GMT
  • SUSHISAMBA, London

Join Vindicia and GoCardless for a discussion of the challenges and opportunities of the European Union's Payments Services Directive (PSD2). With the aim of reducing online fraud and increasing consumer protection, the EU is introducing new requirements for authenticating online payments. The new law will require two-factor security authentication for online transactions over €30 (around $33 or £27), known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 

Enjoy a private, relaxed lunch at SUSHISAMBA on the 39th floor of the iconic Heron Tower. Network with fellow professionals while enjoying the stunning panoramic views of London. We’ll be discussing the challenges that SCA will present to subscription-based businesses and the opportunities that it presents for higher customer retention and lower churn. We’ll be covering: 

•  What kind of transactions are affected by SCA
•  Exemptions to SCA
•  Where do subscription businesses stand?
•  The impact on business
•  Balancing risk and conversion
•  How Vindicia and GoCardless can help

•  Adrian Jenkins, VP Europe, Vindicia
•  Duncan Barrigan, Chief Product Officer, GoCardless

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