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Philippines in View 2017 | Manila

  • August 30, 2017
  • Marriott Hotel Manila

Join CASBAA and a roster of expert speakers at Philippines in View 2017, an exclusive gathering to identify opportunities in a surprisingly robust pay-TV market. With a light-touch regulatory environment, the Philippines pay-TV industry features no rate regulation, no channel “landing rights” licensing or regulation of tiered/bundled offerings. Since the launch of the first multi-channel video services in the Philippines 25 years ago, it has been a market set for growth. And it’s still growing. With 2,000 islands, 100m people, 18.5m TVHHs, 5m DTH subs, 116m mobile subs, 17m Smartphone subs, 20m b’band subs, plus 3m pay-TV subs with GDP per person US$3,000, there is still plenty to watch.

Presentation: Building an OTT Subscriber Acquisition Strategy | Michael Greco, VP, APAC, Vindicia

You have launched your OTT service and are looking for ways to acquire more subscribers. Vindicia will share various acquisition strategies being deployed by some of the leading brands (BBC, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, Telstra). Equally important after you have acquired those customers is how you keep them longer - or in other words, how you increase the customer lifetime value. Vindicia will provide examples of how to acquire customers, keep them longer, and increase revenue.