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TV of Tomorrow 2016

  • Jun 7, 2016 - Jun 8, 2016
  • Golden Gate Club, The Presidio, San Francisco, CA

The two-day TV of Tomorrow 2016 conference is the global gathering for executives, technologists and creatives working in the interactive and multiplatform television industry/community.

Panel | June 7 | 2:30 to 3:15 pm PDT | Gene Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, Vindicia | The OTT Video Money Stream

"The OTT Video Money Stream" session is part of  "The Bridge," a special TV of Tomorrow track curated by analyst firm NScreenMedia. The emphasis in OTT video monetization to date has been on ad-free subscription VOD, but services like Hulu are proving the dual revenue model can also work. It's likely that consumers are prepared to pay for only a few services at once. Does this mean there is an emerging opportunity for free-to-web services, and can services targeting niche markets develop a strong following and achieve financial success? Netflix is charging a premium for Ultra HD delivery. Is this a temporary phenomenon or will high-quality delivery sustain a premium? The panel we will examine the shifting content monetization equation, including:

  • Is the tide switching from subscription back to ads?
  • What are effective monetization strategies to follow OTT?
  • Is programmatic delivering the premium CPMs?
  • How does electronic sales and rentals factor in to the equation?
  • Will consumers pay for better quality delivery?