Hosting & Operations

World-Class Hosting and Operations

Vindicia’s transaction and data facility represents the most sophisticated operations center possible.

Our enterprise-class facility features built-in network and power redundancy to support our optimum uptime of 99.99%, as well as maximum data availability for our subscription and recurring billing clients. Our data center has been engineered to host payment data and user information in a secure manner and operates under military-grade security procedures so that your transaction ability and customer data is always available and never compromised.

World-class features

  • Our facility utilizes the most reliable power grid in the U.S. and is free of population power congestion impacts
  • Located in a natural disaster “safe-zone” considered to be a gateway for data flow from the West Coast to the East Coast. Lowest risk of tornadoes, ice storms, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages, tsunami and no nuclear plants in close proximity
  • 24/7/365 on-site security utilizing an unrivaled multi-layered security system including:
    • Secure Perimeter: The facility and physical security system were designed together to provide a hardened, state-of-the-art, secure facility that includes blast walls, clear avenues of approach and backup perimeter barriers
    • Reinforced Exterior Walls: Exterior walls are constructed of either steel reinforced poured concrete or masonry reinforced beyond building code requirements with minimum entry points and reinforced, alarmed, access controlled and camera monitored exterior doors
    • Man-Traps: All exterior doors lead into specially engineered man-traps that require biometric authentication of the card holder and are controlled via a 24/7 Security Officer and man-trap relay logic
    • Positive Access Control: Multi-step procedures deployed at the facilities require a 24/7 staffed Security Command center officer to determine identity and verify need for access
    • Secure Spaces: All customer spaces are individually locked, protected and monitored – Additional security safeguards can be added by request
    • Surveillance: 24/7 monitored surveillance equipment for the facility follows an elite standard set by a Board Certified security professional
    • Sensors: Detectors are used around the property and provide early warning for perimeter and sensitive area intrusion
    • Security Staff: The Security Command Center is fully manned 24/7 by staff hired with military / security experience and must complete an extensive training program
  • Access to the most robust fiber network access point in North America
  • Power delivered in a true System + System configuration so that each primary and fail-over system is completely separate from the other
  • Facilities designed to deliver complete isolation and control over the heat that hosted equipment produces