Vindicia-Stripe Partnership Solutions

  • Why are we excited about our partnership with Stripe?

    We know that the combination of Stripe, one of the leaders in payments processing for online businesses, and Vindicia’s laser-focused attention on direct-to-consumer (D2C) subscriptions will provide the perfect combination for businesses to create, launch, and run their online subscription businesses.

    Operating an online subscription business requires more than payments enablement. It requires knowledge of subscription best practices, the ability to customize and set up specific features for recurring billing, advanced payment retry technology for reducing churn, and customer engagement expertise – all which Vindicia can provide utilizing our subscription intelligence capabilities.

  • As a business who’s already using Stripe, what are the benefits of using Vindicia?

    Vindicia enables businesses to easily design and launch both simple and complex subscription offers with nuanced parameters, track monthly recurring revenue (MRR) using dashboards and analytics, and map coupons to specific plans or add-ons. Offering variety and flexibility—including the ability to pause, deactivate, reactivate, create future subscriptions, and gift subscriptions—in a subscription model can more effectively engage and retain customers.

    Using Vindicia’s Retain platform, businesses can perform a larger and more customizable number of payment retries to reduce passive churn and successfully re-engage subscribers. Vindicia can resolve 15-30% of previously failed payment transactions, recovering lost customers and revenue, and ultimately extending customer lifetime value.

  • Whether you’re a startup ready to launch or a more mature business embarking on or expanding a subscription strategy, why should you choose Vindicia?

    Vindicia caters to a wide range of subscription products and industries. Offering agile solutions built for managing every part of the subscription lifecycle from acquisition to retention, our customers choose us for our proven experience in D2C subscriptions, data-driven insights, and successful subscriber retention. Subscribe Essentials and Grow, for instance, would be most optimal for helping earlier-stage companies, or SMBs, launching subscriptions or ramping up subscriber acquisition.

  • How do I integrate Stripe with my existing Vindicia platform?

    It takes under 10 minutes! Let us show you how.

    1) Click on the button above to begin registration and set up of your Stripe account.

    2) Fill in your business and payment information. Information will then be sent to Stripe for verification that will enable account activation.

    3) After filling in your business details and activating your account, set up a two-step authentication process to secure your Stripe account on Vindicia and ensure that no one else can log in to your account.

    4) Save your Stripe account by filling in your email and a password of choice. Then, click “Authorize access to this account” and you will return to Vindicia.com as Stripe verifies your information and creates your account.

    5) The authorization process takes about 2 minutes, after which you’ll receive an email notification from Stripe once everything is ready to go. Once you see the email, your Stripe account has been created.

    6) Please verify your email address by clicking the link provided in the email and logging into your Stripe account. Your new Stripe account is now ready to use alongside your existing Vindicia platform.

    How do I integrate Stripe with my existing Vindicia platform?