19  The NameValuePair Object

The NameValuePair object is referenced by several CashBox objects, and is used to hold attributes not otherwise supported in the object. This object is used to store a list of names, which are associated with text string values. These name-value pairs may be used to store custom data for your own, internal tracking purposes, or to store CashBox specific data, used for defined CashBox purposes.


CashBox allows only one value per name per object. NameValuePair objects may have several values associated with each name, but only one value may be used for a given name when assigning name-value pairs to an individual CashBox object.

For some objects, such as the PaymentMethod and Transaction objects, CashBox automatically generates certain name-value pairs, designated with vin: as the name’s prefix. These pairs are listed and defined in the nameValue data member table for the specific object.

Cashbox also provides several pre-defined name-value pairs for use within CashBox. For these pairs, CashBox populates the name; you populate the value. These pairs include:

vin:Division: This name-value pair may be populated in an AutoBill, Transaction, or PaymentMethod (for purposes of validation) object. If used in conjunction with the divisionName name-value pair in your CashBox setup, it sends Transactions associated with these objects to the specified division (ID) at the processor.

vin:Division may be used to route Transactions to different payment processors, or to different merchant IDs configured at your payment processor in cases where you are not already routing by currency. The value you pass must match a value that has been configured in your merchant configuration in CashBox. Work with your Vindicia Client Services representative to configure this option.

vin:MandateFlag and vin:MandateVersion: When creating an AutoBill with EDD as the Payment Method, use vin:MandateFlag and vin:MandateVersion to associate a mandate document with the AutoBill. For example, set vin:Mandate flag to true, and vin:MandateVersion to 1.02 to associate a mandate document version 1.02 with the AutoBill.

vin:MandateBankName: The Bank Name for the EDD Payment Method (required only in the Netherlands).

Use vin:ValidateFullAmt to pass whether full amount authorization needs to be done before charging. This must be enabled if the processor is Global Collect.