C  Billing Notifications and Templates

CashBox can automatically issue customer notifications at predefined moments in the billing cycle, using customized templates. Templates may be defined to notify your customer of billing events (imminent, in-process, successful, or failed), to submit invoices, to warn of a pending subscription expiration, to inform of an overdue balance, or to simply keep them informed of changes in their subscription plan. Work with Vindicia Client Services to create templates to keep your customers informed and engaged in their relationship with your company and your products.

CashBox requires that you submit an email template, if you wish Billing and Invoicing notifications to be emailed to your customers. The email template contains the email headers; the Billing and Invoicing templates include the email contents.


If you do not submit an email template, no notifications will be emailed to your customers.

If you do not submit a billing or invoicing template, the corresponding notification will not occur. For example, if you do not submit a Soft Fail notification, CashBox will not notify the customer on a soft fail.

If you do not set a preferred language for a template and an English template exists in the database, CashBox notifies the customer using the English template.

If the Pre-Notify Days field in the Billing Plan Details is 0 or blank, CashBox will not issue a prebilling notification.

For more information on billing and invoicing events in CashBox, and on creating email templates, please see Section 9: Working with Customer Notifications in the CashBox Programming Guide.