C.4.15  Working with Custom Data

Custom Data allows you to create and add customized information to your CashBox system.


In the CashBox UI, some instances of this field are titled Custom object Data, and some are titled Merchant Data.

Custom Data is stored in CashBox as a pair of matched text strings, called name-value pairs. You may assign custom data to Billing Plans, Products, AutoBills, Accounts, and Tokens, each of which is associated with its own Custom Data list. For each of these objects, CashBox stores a list of Names, which may be associated with text string Values. Use name-value pairs to help categorize or sort aspects of your system.



Use Name to define a category, and Value to define a specific item in that category. For instance, name-value pairs might be used to track your sales teams. Define a name-value pair with Name = “Office,” and Value equal to the city in which the office is located. Define a second name-value pair with Name = “Salesman,” and Value the name of specific salesmen. Assign name-value pairs Office-Chicago and Salesman-JSummers to Billing Plans to sort or search those plans both by the office in which they originated, and the salesman responsible for the account.

Click Custom Data to open the pane, and view, remove, or edit custom data associated with the CashBox Product, Billing Plan, AutoBill, Account, or Token.

The pane will list all Name-Value pairs associated with the specific CashBox object.

If there is no Custom Data associated with the CashBox object, the pane displays only the Add New Data button.Click this button to add Custom Data, as desired.

Figure C-52: Merchant Data Pane

To add a new name-value pair:

Click Add New Data.

Use the Name pulldown menu to select an existing Name for the pair, or select New Name from the menu to open a field in which a new Name may be entered.


For pages which list Merchant Data rather than Custom object Data, this pulldown menu is not available, and the Name value must be entered manually.

Enter the desired text string for the pair in the Value field.

To change the Value associated with the name-value pair, simply edit the Value text field.


CashBox allows only one value per name per object. Name-value pairs (custom data) may have several values associated with each name, but only one value may be used for a given name-value pair associated with an individual CashBox object.

To delete a name-value pair assigned to the Account, click Delete to the right of the name-value pair.

Note: Delete removes the name-value pair from the Account, but does not delete the pair from your CashBox system.