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3.5.6  Activity History

The Activity History table lists all Activity for the Account, including payments made, email notifications sent, changes to the Account or its AutoBills, or Notes entered against the Account.

This table provides an overview of activities that have already occurred, either because of customer purchase, Product or service access, or customer service interaction. Use the links to generate a printer-friendly view of this table, or add a note to the activity history.

Click on an Activity Type to open the Activity Details page for the item.

The following table describes the listed fields.

Table 3-7: Activity History Fields




Indicates the date and time of the activity’s occurrence.


Specifies the type of activity recorded. Type is either a predefined type, or a custom merchant-defined activity added or created through the CashBox API.

Predefined activity types are:





URL access

Product Delivery/Fulfillment

Service Usage

Cancellation Event


IP Address

Lists the IP address from which the customer initiated activity, if applicable.


Specifies information relevant to the activity type. (For example, type of email notification sent, Serial Number of Product, template name, or template version and language.)


Figure 3-13: Activity Details Page

The Activity Details page lists the customer ID, customer name, the name of the merchant authorized user, if any, involved in the activity, and an customer email address, if any.

Click on the Customer ID to open the Account Details page.

Adding Notes to the Account’s Activity History

1.  Click Add Note in the Activity History header to open the Create New Activity: Note page.

Figure 3-14: Create New Activity Note Page

2.  Enter the text for your note in the Note... text window. Notes are limited to 4000 characters. The number of characters remaining is displayed under the Note... window.

3.  Click Submit to add your note to the Activity History for the Account, and return to the Account Details page, or click Cancel to discard your note.

For example, the note entered in Figure 3-14 is displayed at the bottom on the Activity History list, as shown below.

Figure 3-15: Updated Activity History on the Account Details Page