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11.3.3  Refund Details

If there are refunds associated with a Transaction, their information is included on the Transaction Details page.

Listed information may include:

Table 11-8: Refunds Field Details




Amount refunded. CashBox supports both full and partial refunds. (The total amount refunded can never exceed the original Transaction amount.)

Cur or TYPE

Currency or Token Type used for the refund.


Timestamp (Date and Time) of refund.


Current status of the refund. Refunds are submitted to payment processors in batch mode.

Pending: Refund is queued in a batch job that has not yet been run.

Complete: Refund was processed by the payment processor.

Ref String

Data returned by the payment processor about the refund. This field is usually empty.

Ref ID

Transaction ID associated with the refund transaction sent to the payment processor.


Any text entered in the Refund’s Note field when the refund was processed.