Use the activate method to start an existing AutoBill that was created with a deferred start date (unknownStart = True) and is in status: Pending Activation. Calling activate sets the startTimestamp to today and initiates the billing process


srd: sparse response description, a SOAP string (which must be a JSON object), in which you specify the elements you want returned.This parameter enables the calling system to constrain a method call to return only components you specify. This gives you greater control over returned content, and improves response time within the Vindicia platform by reducing the processing needed for the call.

Some fields are required, either practically or in the WSDL, and will be returned regardless of the srd. A null srd returns the complete response.

auth: credentials required to authenticate this request.

autobill: the object of type AutoBill to activate.


status: the status of the activated AutoBill.

return: an object of type Return that indicates the success or failure of the call.


In addition to those listed in Table 1: Standard Return Codes, this call returns:

Return Code

Return String


One of the following:

Unable to load AutoBill.

Unable to activate.




autobill->update( unknownStart => 1 );


autobillId = autobill->id();



//once ready to start autobill

autobill->load( autobillId )->activate();



nextWeek = Date->nextWeek();


autobill->update( startTimestamp => nextWeek );

autobillId = autobill->id();



//if ready prior to startTimestamp, autobill can activate

autobill->load( autobillId )->activate();