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Subscription Billing Solutions for Gaming Companies

Case Study on Recurring Payment Systems in Gaming Industry

Mind Candy is an entertainment company that creates extraordinary brands with online games at their heart. Moshi Monsters is a free-to-play, fun-filled virtual world of adoptable pet monsters, combining adorable virtual pets, safe social networking, games, educational puzzles, stories and missions for children aged 6-12. 50 million monsters have been created to date making Moshi Monsters one of the world’s fastest growing children’s sites. Industry Online Gaming Challenges Scaling a rapidly-growing online games business globally Having business model flexibility to support free-to-play, subscriptions and one-time payments Achieving seamless business and financial reporting Processing transactions worldwide Solution Vindicia® CashBox®, a scalable…

The link between customer retention and billing

Buddieshops is an online game marketplace that acts as an online platform where multiform games can build shops. It is the safer, easier way for both game operators and game fans to trade online, with services that include multiple online payment functions and that ensure fair trades between the parties. Buddieshops businesses are worldwide with millions of game fans in more than 40 countries.

The Levers That Can Make (or Break) Your Recurring Billing Process

Accepting payments online is filled with many complexities. In the webinar, The World is NOT Flat: Navigating the Digital Payments Ecosystem, Adam Hollis of W. Capra Consulting Group shares some common mistakes digital businesses make in their recurring payments strategy, and offers simple solutions to correct them. Watch the short video excerpt to learn some of the levers that can make (or break) your recurring billing process: View the complete webinar to also learn: How to actively manage your risk and maximize retention Ways to leverage payments technologies to optimize your business The operational side of payments management Visit our…

Is the future of videogames freemium?

A shift is happening in the way we pay for and consume games. For as long as the games industry has existed, it has followed the same model – cash up front for a complete product – but over the last couple of years that model has started to struggle, both in terms of revenue generated and the way gamers and developers perceive it. Step forward free-to-play, a method of collecting revenue that’s based on microtransactions within the gaming experience, with no upfront outlay whatsoever. You download a game, play it for as long as you like for nothing at…

Fraud or Friction? Why slowing down a purchase can be beneficial in the long run

In discussing merchant deployments one of the areas of greatest interest is how we suggest clients implement their buy screens. More than anything (yes, even more than the service itself), product owners ascribe an almost mythical importance to a frictionless buy process. The logic goes that if you slow down a buyer, they’re more likely to abandon the shopping process and you’ll lose a sale. Hence, there’s a strong desire to allow users to check out as easily as possible. This includes reducing the amount of information requested in the purchase process. This has long been a hot topic with…