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Latest Articles on Subscription Payment Services

How HBO Nordic Saved HBO Now

Date: Jun 12, 2015

By Gene Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, Vindicia. CED Magazine. HBO Nordic never broke its own ice. Nobody pays upfront for an addiction. This is why you can get a month of HBO Now for free. And it’s going to work. Just ask Netflix.     Be kind and rewind with me. In the old offline days, cable providers and telephone companies relied on a business model that required them to subsidize installation. To deliver cable or phone service, providers had to mobilize an army of heavy duty trucks and technicians to burrow wires into streets, run them into individual houses and…

What Makes a Premium Service Worthy of the Name?

Date: Jun 09, 2015

By Gene Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, Vindicia. Rapid TV News. Three Keys to Delivering the Ultimate OTT Experience. Right now, OTT services abound. From incumbents like Netflix and iTunes to quirky point players like Sling and Hulu, there’s no shortage of on-demand content from a range of sources, each with their own approach to programming and definition of ‘premium.’ While I’d love to predict a day when tuning in is as simple as the days of yore, the future is more likely a mosaic of sources that consumers will have to navigate and subscribe to. It’ll be on marketers to…

Civilization in Decline: Credit Cards and the Culture of Auto-Pay

Date: May 05, 2015

By Gene Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, Vindicia. CED Magazine. To credit card issuers, I say decline at your own risk. Decline and you too will decline. Decline me and I will decline you back. Maybe forever. Eventually all of society will experience a decline. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop watching movies on the Internet. Let’s face it: streaming content is always free – even when you pay for it. The pricing models that succeed do so because they bill you in a way that makes services feel free. Thousands of titles for $7.99 per month on auto-pay?…

OTT’s Early Impact: 6 Rules for Monetizing Next-Gen Pay-TV Business Models

Date: Apr 22, 2015

By Daniel Frankel. FierceCable. Executives in both the music and newspaper industries have compared their digital transformations to trying to push their businesses through a garden hose—they have struggled mightily to sustain their businesses as they learned to monetize IP-based distribution of content. And there is a belief, finally reinforced by real-world business models like Pandora and Spotify, that there is, in fact, a spigot on the other side. Revenue growth will once again be realized in these media sectors disrupted and transformed beyond all recognition by the Internet. We may never see margins get anywhere near where they used…

Top 3 Predictions on Video Subscription Services in 2015

Date: Feb 12, 2015

By Gene Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, Vindicia. Wired Innovation Insights. Without a doubt, 2015 will play host to a sea change in the uptake of subscription video services. Netflix has thoroughly proven the concept that OTT video on demand is the preferred method to consume movies and TV shows. Binge-watching is now a mature phenomenon, and with releases like The Interview demonstrating the market potential of direct-to-stream film releases, content providers are now obsessed with determining the most lucrative path forward. That said, here are the top three trends I foresee dominating the subscription video landscape in 2015.