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Latest Articles on Subscription Payment Services

Online Video Competition Poised to Turn up Asia Subscription Economy

Date: Nov 25, 2015

Subscription services provider, Vindicia, believes the upcoming entrance of Netflix into several Asian markets will heat up competition and see the introduction of more over-the-top video services. ZDNet. Subscription may be a dirty word for content proponents who believe the industry should be free of walled gardens, but this business model is touted to offer valuable insights and a way to build better customer relations. Asia’s online video space, in particular is set to heat up with Netflix expanding its presence into the region including Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan where its services will launch in early-2016. It…

nScreenNoise – 3 SVOD Billing Pitfalls and How to Fix Them

Date: Nov 18, 2015

nScreenMedia. Making money with online video services is challenging at the best of times. Here are three pitfalls operators often fall into that can be easily avoided. Content providers tightly control their product’s windowing strategy to optimize revenue. For example, sometimes they decide to release a new film or movie in one region, and hold it back from another. According to Mr. Hoffman this is teaching the biggest fans of the content to steal it rather than wait. He says it is much better to make it available earlier, at a hefty premium. For many of the most ardent fans…

10 Tips for Running a Profitable Subscription-based Business

Date: Oct 13, 2015

CIO. By Jennifer Schiff. Experts in customer acquisition and retention and ecommerce share advice on how to create and sustain a successful recurring-revenue business. The subscription-based business model is far from new. But as ecommerce and mobile commerce have taken off, so has the recurring revenue model, with dozens of new subscription-based businesses – from software services and app providers to subscription box companies like Birchbox and BarkBox – popping up each year. However, while it is often easy to attract new customers to a subscription business, especially if you have good marketing, keeping them (for more than a few…

Media Prima Picks Vindicia for Billing Support

Date: Oct 13, 2015 Media Prima is using Vindicia CashBox to support various billing requirements across the MPB Group. Vindicia CashBox will play an integral role as it relates to Media Prima’s strategy to develop a fully-integrated media group with a unified customer experience. Media Prima currently has more than four million registered users on TonTon, the Malaysian video portal, and more than five million readership for Media Prima’s three printed media. The company selected Vindicia CashBox based on its ability to support various content management technologies through its open API architecture and its flexibility to provision Media Prima’s various business models. In…

How to Take Payments in VOD Services

Date: Aug 11, 2015

By Kauser Kanji. VOD Professional. What are the different mechanisms for taking payments in VOD services? Which one should you choose and a list of specialist providers. I had a good chat with Andrew Burke, the new chairman at PayWizard, last week and in the course of that conversation I was building a flow diagram in my head about the different mechanisms for taking payments in VOD services, how to choose which one to use and the various specialist payment service-providers that one might want to shortlist. Here are some of the subsequent notes I jotted down: