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Recommended Readings: Recurring Billing

Vindicia's recommended readings contain highlights about emerging trends and new business models embraced by consumers in today's recurring billing space.

How Many People Use Mobile Internet for Online Gaming

Source: by Techlitic
Date: Dec 21, 2012

The online gaming industry has achieved almost overnight success at a phenomenal pace making it one of the most successful online industries to date. With advancements in new technology creating affordable and accessible platforms for internet access most industries have broadened their market by taking advantage of this direct link to a target consumer audience. When the online companies created games with software compatible for mobile internet success was inevitable, and the development of gaming apps caused further excitement with online gaming enthusiasts and technology buffs alike…

Is the future of videogames freemium?

Source: by GamesCatalyst
Date: Oct 10, 2012

A shift is happening in the way we pay for and consume games. For as long as the games industry has existed, it has followed the same model – cash up front for a complete product – but over the last couple of years that model has started to struggle, both in terms of revenue generated and the way gamers and developers perceive it. Step forward free-to-play, a method of collecting revenue that’s based on microtransactions within the gaming experience, with no upfront outlay whatsoever. You download a game, play it for as long as you like for nothing at…

Rdio will pay musicians $10 per new signup

Source: by ArsTechnica
Date: Oct 02, 2012

Startup to incentivize skeptical, revenue-starved artists to push product. While online music fans have lots of great streaming options out there (Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and others), musicians are often less excited about the idea, given that the royalties are usually smaller than they traditionally have been. (Welcome to the club, dudes!) Some big-name artists, including Adele and Coldplay, have kept their tracks off of online streaming services for fear that they cut into album sales. But on Tuesday, Rdio has now announced a new incentive program to help artists sign up fans. They’ll earn $10 each time a fan signs…

Subscription Service Love With Food Helps Gourmets Discover New Treats

Source: by Xconomy
Date: Sep 27, 2012

When Aihui Ong, founder and CEO of Love With Food, a Birchbox-style food subscription service, was applying to the incubator 500 Startups last fall, she wasn’t too optimistic. She believed in her company, which she had conceived as a sort of Groupon for small food producers, but she knew that she faced tough odds as her company’s sole founder. “A lot of people in Silicon Valley don’t like the idea of a single founder,” she says. “Starting and launching a business is tough. They think one person can’t do it all. But there are data anomalies.” When she pitched her…

The 10 Most Disruptive Enterprise Tech Companies

Source: by Business Insider
Date: Sep 25, 2012

Enterprise technology is in the middle of a massive transformation caused by major technological shifts: Mobile cell phone networks are getting faster. Cloud computing has put unlimited computing power into the hands of everyone at very low costs. Software-as-a-service has become a safe and reliable alternative to on-premises software. Social networking is changing how companies interact with each other and customers. Employees are more tech savvy, bringing their own devices to work and supplementing enterprise software with their own hand-picked cloud-based services. All of that means that there’s an enormous opportunity for tech companies to disrupt the status quo. It’s…