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Vindicia CashBox – A subscription Billing Platform

Speed time to market and increase revenue with the Vindicia CashBox subscription billing and recurring payment solution.

Vindicia® CashBox® delivers the SaaS-based subscription billing and recurring payment platform that B2C and B2B digital goods and service providers need to thrive. It overcomes the drawbacks of traditional subscription billing approaches for digital goods to support the entire subscription lifecycle. Vindicia CashBox helps you to: 

  • Increase subscription revenue with improved customer acquisition 
  • Improve customer satisfaction with self-service capabilities and reduced billing hassle 
  • Accelerate the growth of your customer base with higher retention rates 
  • Refine your subscription business model with data-driven insights

Get bigger faster with Vindicia CashBox. 

From over-the-top (OTT) video and other digital media to productivity and lifecycle services and more, CashBox helps companies take advantage of the subscription and recurring billing practices that drive higher recurring revenues. CashBox supports your business with: 

  • Scalability and reliability: CashBox delivers 99.9971% uptime, military-grade security, and the ability to scale to meet demand spikes. To date, CashBox has processed more than US$21 billion in subscription payments across 241 million users and 167 million credit cards. 
  • Go-to-market flexibility: CashBox lets you offer monthly, quarterly, seasonal, and/or annual subscriptions. You find the mix that’s right for your digital products. With campaign flexibility, you can more easily launch coupons, loyalty programs, virtual currency, and channel incentives that attract digital subscribers. Refine campaigns just as easily.
  • International and multiple payment options: You can accept any currency that your payment processor supports. CashBox also helps you win customers who prefer non-traditional payment methods, including Amazon Payments, PayPal, and other payment types.
  • Finance, tax, and anti-fraud capabilities: You define your preferred recurring revenue recognition method, and take advantage of an integrated tax engine that helps you calculate, collect, and remit transactional taxes. Anti-fraud automation makes it easier to prevent fraudulent transactions.
  • Business optimization: Take advantage of recurring revenue building insights thanks to subscription expertise of the Vindicia team and the network effect of our wealth of transactional data. We use analysis to uncover trends and patterns.  Regular business reviews provide data-driven advice that can help you improve pricing, acquisition, and retention. You also receive benchmarking that helps you enhance performance and understand trends in your subscription subsector. 

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