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Billing and Subscription Services | Diversity Analysis

Vindicia is a recommended Subscription and Billing Vendor in a recent report by SaaS Cloud Computing and business strategy consultancy, Diversity Analysis. The report asks and answers pertinent questions about billing and subscription services and explains how choosing the right one can make or break your business:

A subscription and billing system should ideally be seen as more than just an accounts service but rather as an integral part of a businesses sales channel and it should help increase customer retention. The solution chosen should give the business visibility over their performance and allow them to make rapid and well thought out decisions.

There are many metrics beyond revenue that subscription vendors need to monitor and track so they can identify and react to changes quickly.

  • Customer Churn
  • Active Users by Customer
  • Renewal Periods 

For this reason a good subscription and billing service includes an entire revenue lifecycle, not just the initial touchpoints between a business and its customer. 

Similarly a billing and subscription service should be seen as a core part of the customer relationship management operation. Providing the business with sufficient visibility into a customers needs to enable targeted marketing by way of up-selling or cross-selling.

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