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Winning and Retaining OTT Customers | nScreenMedia

TV viewers around the world are increasingly going online to find their favorite entertainment. Today, the emergence of over-the-top (OTT) video services is outpacing traditional cable. For example, Netflix and Hulu Plus have doubled the number of streaming subscribers since 2012. As a result, media giants are looking to adopt the benefits of OTT.

Capturing, or re-capturing, a viewer online is clearly important in the new multiscreen world, but it isn’t easy. Companies like HBO and Comcast attract a broad and deep audience through the traditional broadcast channels. Unfortunately, these same companies struggle to attract online users.

To understand what it takes to win and retain online OTT video customers, this paper explores the differences between how consumers behave online and how they behave while watching television. Through the lens of a spectacular online video service failure, the paper looks at how to exploit these differences to attract, keep, and monetize online video viewers.

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