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Best Practices for Automated Billing Software

Our Best Practice Guides provide detailed reviews on how to optimize specific business functions as a digital business. Topics range from customer acquisition to chargeback management, with data collected from our knowledge running large scale businesses, and from various clients in the Vindicia® Client Network.

Best Practices for Digital Customer Acquisition

Digital businesses live and die by the number of new customers they bring in. The strategies used to capture new customers are numerous, each depending on the product, the company culture and the personalities in play at any specific company. There are some clear rules though that can help optimize customer acquisition across all companies. This Best Practice Guide reviews these in full detail.

Best Practices from Vindicia for Digital Customer Communication

Companies doing business online face many unique challenges — especially those selling digital products and services. One of the most critical ones is effectively communicating with prospective and current customers. This Best Practice Guide outlines winning strategies for effective customer communication, from acquisition, to retention, to end-of-life, to marketing to past customers (re-marketing), and defines the types of communication that are relevant at each level.

Best Practices for Customer Retention

The true health of any business is closely related to how well it acquires and retains customers. The metrics for these two functions will tell you much more about the long-term outlook of the company than any yearly financial filing. This truth has a special significance for digital businesses, especially those with recurring revenue business models. This Best Practice Guide outlines the most effective processes that help digital businesses optimize their customer retention strategy.

Best Practices for Chargeback Management

Chargebacks are often an arduous aspect of any business, particularly for digital businesses. The temptation exists to ignore the problem with the hope that it takes care of itself. As tempting as that route is, ignoring the problem will not help your business. Chargebacks can provide you with valuable information that will not only help your business grow, but help your business evolve into one that attracts and retains the best customers. This Best Practice Guide provides you with a new perspective on how to manage and take advantage of chargebacks.

Best Practices for Online Business Subscription Models

Digital businesses have no shortage of business models from which to choose. While it is critical to offer unique value to customers and continually generate revenue, the right business model accelerates the path to success. This Best Practice Guide defines the key terms for online business models and describes the most common types of these, their pros and cons and the key metrics associated with each. This guide also explores the different business needs and requirements through models and performance projections of two fictitious companies.