OTT Digital Content Monetization

The term “over the top,” or OTT, has had a workout in the media lately thanks to a rash of high-profile announcements by media giants, pay-TV companies and start-ups alike.

Consumers have demanded more streaming content, and OTT will be the primary way that video providers will maintain their customer base as millennials grow up. But, monetizing online video is a persistent back-end challenge for OTT providers of all sizes as competition and content costs squeeze margins.

This eBrief examines the multi-billion-dollar OTT revenue opportunity, and the deceptively simple strategy for using customer retention and personalized communications for capturing it.

Read this eBrief to find out:

  • The state of competition
  • The content-oriented business mode
  • Subscriptions vs. advertising
  • Maximizing the average customer lifetime value (ACLV)

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