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Communicating to win and retain subscription customers

When you sell digital goods and services by subscription or on a recurring basis, you have to communicate with customers about a myriad of things: renewals, new content, promos, and more. Subscription and recurring service models necessitate new rules and new types of communication. Along with these come new questions about when and how to communicate with customers. Should you hound subscribers about minor credit card issues? How can you woo back former subscribers? What will entice recurring customers to open their wallets more often?

Odds are, email is going to be the number one way you communicate with customers. You shouldn’t just fire off a hodge podge of emails to customers; you need a communication strategy. An effective communication strategy must address all stages of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to re-marketing.

By following a few simple principles in this eBook, you can increase the effectiveness of every piece of communication called for in your strategy.

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