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Frequently Asked Questions

Vindicia CashBox FAQ

Vindicia® CashBox® is a subscription billing platform specifically designed to enhance your customer acquisition efforts, maximize customer retention and expand your business exponentially and globally. Vindicia CashBox enhances customer acquisition and increases customer retention by 10 to 15%, while providing 99.99% reliability on a massive scale.

CashBox for Salesforce FAQ

Enable full quote-to-cash capabilities within Salesforce. Powerful analysis and reporting. A business focused on building online revenue often needs to support core business processes across different systems. Quote to Cash represents one such critical process and businesses that use their customer relationship management system to handle order management face this challenge every day. To support this key business process requirement, Vindicia provides two native applications, Vindicia® CashBox® Reporting for Salesforce and CashBox for Salesforce. Clients of both Vindicia and can access these applications through the AppExchange. CashBox Reporting for Salesforce gives our clients the ability to view their…

Vindicia Select FAQ

Vindicia® Select™ is specifically designed for larger digital businesses that want to keep their existing billing infrastructure, but seek a no-risk approach to overcoming customer payment failures.

General FAQ

Superior customer acquisition and retention leads to increased revenue but can also lead to increased systems complexities. CashBox removes these issues with proven reliability and scale, all while maintaining the highest PCI Level 1 and SSAE-16 services provider standards.