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Billing management tools

Billing Management Tools: Should You Buy, Build or Something In-between?

The options available for handling recurring billing (and your subscriber or membership database) are exploding – regardless whether your business is a start-up or large-scale. From all-in-one platforms, WordPress apps, billing engines and platforms to companies that build their own billing and subscriber management platforms--- making the right decision for your company is no easy choice. The discussion of buy vs. build is one that merchants of all sizes (and budgets) need to make. Evaluating security risks, PCI-compliance, internal resources, financial resources and core competencies are important, but also understanding your options and how they map to your resources and competencies will help you make the right decision for your business. There is no across-the-board right or wrong decision … it's all about finding the right match for your business.


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Vindicia CashBox reduces billing frustrations and saves staff time thanks to efficient billing processes.

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