A CFO's Guide to Building a Subscription Revenue Portfolio

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The subscription business model has emerged as an imperative for driving predictable revenue streams within an unpredictable economic environment. Board members, investors and your own company’s leaders expect to see benchmarks, as well as intelligence around top-performer metrics and KPIs, in order to understand the business and its most effective growth strategies.

Long time CFO, Mark Resnick, shares his financial insights and best practices to thrive in the subscription-based economy. He is joined by technology expert, Doug Smith, who highlights how successful companies are transforming their subscription businesses into competitor portfolio envy. We discuss:

  • KPIs of a robust subscription revenue portfolio
  • Industry benchmarks for acquisition, churn, ACLV, growth efficiency, and more
  • Best practices among leading subscription businesses
  • Strategies to mitigate churn, an ever-present and oft-ignored factor in revenue loss

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