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Customer Acquisition and Retention Deep-Dive Series

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Quick, two-minute educational videos for the busy executive

As a recurring revenue business, your company wins when you attract more subscribers or members, see an excellent return on customer acquisition costs, and retain customers longer. Traditional methods will take you to a certain level of success. But to push performance even higher, you need to dig even deeper. Our deep-dive series includes eight short videos packed to the brim with useful tips, strategies, and best practices for the busy executive. Topics include:

  • Marketing Impact of Billing Flexibility
  • How to Drive Better Revenue from Channel Partners
  • Advanced Techniques to Cut Involuntary Churn
  • Customer Acquisition and Billing Flexibility
  • Benchmarking Billing KPIs Against Peers
  • Diving Even Deeper – Why Advanced Retention is Critical
  • Turn Business Intelligence into Opportunity
  • Support for Global Growth

Join subscription billing expert Doug Smith as he provides invaluable insight on these important recurring revenue topics.

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