Prevent Failed Payment Transactions

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Is your company's revenue stream vulnerable? If your customers pay on a subscription or recurring basis, then you’re well aware how much your business depends on retaining customers and preventing churn.

Many companies risk of losing business not because customers choose to leave, but due to unsuccessful payment transactions. At the first sign of payment issues, many billing systems automatically cancel the subscription, with involuntary churn reaching up to 15% each billing cycle. However, by preventing unsuccessful transactions, companies have the opportunity to increase recurring revenue by as much as 5%.

From this webcast, you will learn:

  • Best practices among recurring-revenue businesses that mitigate churn
  • How you can prevent failed transactions before they trigger involuntary churn
  • How you can increase recurring revenue as a result.

So take a look at this on-demand webcast if you want to sustain recurring revenue from – and the ongoing loyalty of – your customers.

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