Strategies for Content, Context, and Frictionless Commerce

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CMOs are realizing that online consumers seek agile interactions, painless fulfillment, and a memorable experience. To address these challenges, CMO Council’s on-demand webcast discusses the new mandates for digital marketing, monetization, and a smooth customer experience enabled by a frictionless commerce strategy, including:

  • Identifying new and recurring revenue opportunities
  • Optimizing the consumer experience by making it friction-free
  • Maximizing customer lifetime value

The goal of frictionless commerce is to reduce the friction that subscribers encounter with all aspects of the online service. A friction-free customer experience is the cornerstone of many successful online services. The underlying principle is straightforward: reduce as many barriers as possible between the content and the subscriber. That means making sign up, purchase and login processes as simple and straightforward as possible. However, frictionless commerce also means making it easy to quit the subscription service. Fear of commitment can be a major factor in potential subscribers not signing up for the service. The bottom line is clear: easy in, easy out should be the cornerstone of any successful online service.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from industry experts Gene Hoffman, CEO, Vindicia; Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing, CMO Council; and Vidya Vishal, AVP Strategic Marketing, Equifax

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