SVOD Launch Strategies: Turning it up to 11

Subscription video on demand (SVOD) appears to be all the rage these days. Seemingly dozens of new SVOD services are popping up across all corners of the market, targeting virtually every niche audience imaginable, from automobile enthusiasts to anime addicts. The result is a dizzying array of announcements, price points, go-to-market strategies and brands, all jockeying for position in a market that many expect to eventually eclipse the traditional, established market for large bundles of pay-TV services.

However, there remains a significant amount of uncertainty in the nascent but potentially explosive SVOD space, most notably how players both big and small will be able to rise above the crowd. How might these players best navigate this growing space? How are they working to monetize, market and promote their services and offerings? What tips and tricks can they learn from existing players in the space? And how big could this opportunity be?

This webinar will delve into these questions and more with a panel of top experts in the field.

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