The Future of Subscription Billing (and Air Travel) Is Now

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This webinar focuses on how the world has gone digital with subscriptions for online dating, gaming, software, media, entertainment and more. But an all-you-can-fly subscription airline? The future of subscription billing is NOW!

During this webinar, Wade Eyerly, co-founder and CEO of Surf Air, discusses the first subscription airline company blazing a new trail in aviation. We'll talk with Wade about:

  • Taking an OLD IDEA AND MAKING IT NEW with a subscription billing model: How subscription billing has breathed new life into airline travel.
  • INNOVATION: New companies don't see subscription billing as a risk, but as a profitable business model. We'll ask Wade why he chose to go with this business model of a subscription billing option instead of the typical pay-as-you-go route.
  • LOOKING AHEAD: What are Surf Air's plans for growth? What other businesses are ripe for subscription billing models?

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