Choosing a Payment Processor for Subscription Businesses

Many businesses, especially recurring revenue ones, find out the hard way that selecting a credit card payment processor is among the most important and critical decisions to be made when conducting business online.

Subscription payment processing

Making a subscription payment processing decision may seem like a fairly simple task for the uninformed or ill-advised business: find a payment processor that offers a combination of the lowest possible fees and easiest connectivity.But basing a decision on just these criteria can, and probably will, have a devastating impact on your bottom line.

Making the proper subscription payment processing business decision demands that you perform the kind of due diligence that leaves no stones unturned. It also requires the business to view the process in terms of selecting a partner, not a vendor, because the subscription payment processing artery through which your lifeblood (money) flows needs to be cooperatively and rigorously maintained by both you and your payment processor. Failure to understand this will inevitably put an online business in the unenviable position of being successful despite the payment processing infrastructure, not because of it.

"Choosing a Payment Processor for Subscription-based Businesses" is an actionable white paper providing tips on choosing the credit card payment processor best suited to your specific business needs. A few of the topics covered in this white paper include:

  • Scaling the Language Barrier 
  • The Art and Science of Recurring Billing 
  • Submitting Applications and Negotiating the Best Offer 
  • The Final Decision

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